Prices may vary. All listed prices are subject to tax

We can price match and if you can't afford it, we'll tell you how to take care of the problem

General Pest Control Spray- FIRST TIME SERVICE

$135+ (does not include treatment for Ants or Silverfish)

$10 per 100 square feet thereafter

Mice Treatment- place bait


Mice Treatment Return visit (optional)

$75+ (fill whatever holes we find)


Ants PLUS General Household spray


Silverfish PLUS General Household spray


Ants AND Silverfish PLUS Whole House Spray


Flea Treatment


Carpenter Ants



$145+ *Price varies based on square footage. Please call and ASK for more specific pricing.

Exterior Barrier Spray


Termite Inspection (includes house, basement, exterior, attic)



Real Estate Agent

$75+ at inspection OR Billed $100 at closing