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Solve Your Wasp Problem

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A wasp infestation can be dangerous for any person or pet on your property. If these territorial, aggressive insects colonize around your home or business, they can sting anyone they perceive as a threat. Unlike bees, wasps often attack in packs, and they can sting more than once. To remove wasps from your property, turn to the pros at Don Wilkinson Pest Control LLC.

Don't deal with a wasp problem alone - contact one of our wasp control experts today to schedule pest control services in Olathe, KS.

Find out how to remove wasps from your home or business

How can you schedule pest control services in Olathe, KS? When wasps take up residence on your property, follow these simple steps to remove them ASAP:

  • Call 913-768-1188 to schedule an appointment with one of our wasp control experts
  • Let our professional walk around your property to find the infestation's source
  • Discuss effective treatment plans and rely on us to safely remove the wasp nest

If you have questions about our wasp control options, speak with a member of our staff today. We look forward to educating you on the different ways to remove pests from your property.